Child Dentistry Services in North York

Childhood Dentistry

Ideally, every child’s first dental visit should occur before his or her first birthday, or within 6 months of the development of the first tooth. Not only does this allow the dentist to see how your cleaning methods are working, but also to spot problems early and to teach your child that going to the dentist will prevent future problems with their teeth.

What to Expect at Baby’s First Visit

Before the age of 2: Babies don’t understand the concept of dentistry and are understandably reluctant to allow someone to look inside their mouths. Crying is routine when examining babies, but with your help an examination can be completed with little trouble. Simply lay your child’s head in the dentist’s lap and he can quickly assess such factors as tooth eruption, early childhood tooth decay and oral hygiene.

After the age of 2: The dentist may want to administer X-rays in order to check for the presence of cavities and to ensure that the adult teeth are present. The dentist will assess your child’s risk for tooth decay and advise you whether fluoride treatments might be beneficial. Fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral that can help to prevent or even reverse tooth decay by strengthening teeth.

Help your child get a head start on oral health by scheduling an appointment at Yonge and Finch Dental Office.

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