Cavity Prevention and Teeth Whitening in North York

How Do Cavities Form?

Cavities are a symptom of tooth disease, which is caused by bacteria that attack the surface of your teeth. These bacteria are nourished by particles of food you eat that are left on the teeth, and produce an acid that causes the teeth to decay.

Without treatment by a dental professional, cavity-causing bacteria will eat away at tooth structure, as well as the interior of the tooth, known as dentin. The tooth can become inflamed and infected and begin to ache.

How Can Cavities be Prevented?

In order to prevent the development of cavities, Yonge and Finch Dental Office recommends the use of The Fluoridex Daily Defense® line of prescription-strength toothpastes, designed to help patients maintain strong, healthy teeth and gums. With 5 times the active ingredient of over-the-counter toothpastes, Fluoridex provides the best defense against future cavities.

Sensitive Teeth and Whitening

Fluoridex Daily Defense® original formula is available in a 1.1% neutral sodium fluoride toothpaste or gel. For those with sensitive teeth we recommend Fluoridex Daily Defense® Sensitivity Relief Formula, which provides the same benefits as the original formula while also addressing sensitivity issues. Fluoridex Daily Defense® Enhanced Whitening Formula offers the added benefit of keeping your teeth as clean and bright as possible. Ask your dentist or hygienist which formula is right for you.

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